EBE - Award winning documentary

This visually stunning documentary shows you mysterious balls of light, their intelligent behaviour, their connection with the crop circles and their clear interaction with the human mind. Mind-blowing images, eyewitness accounts, reconstructions and original pieces of footage providing rock-hard evidence of the presence of highly intelligent, non-human entities. This documentary contains material that will change your view of this world forever. Prepare to watch the most overwhelming evidence ever documented of a non-human, unknown intelligence, present at this very moment in time an intelligence with a plan for mankind. A very informative documentary, superb camera work, spectacular aerial and ground shots of the best crop circles up to and including the year 2000, intriguing eyewitness accounts, reconstructions and authentic pieces of footage of the lights. An absolute must!

This video won the 2002 EBE-Award at the International Filmfestival / Congress at Laughlin, Nevada, USA.
45 minutes. GBP 14.90. Euro 20.90.
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Crop Circles - The Research

This is definitely the most informative and complete production ever made on the subject. A truly professional and visually stunning documentary that takes you on a guided tour of the latest discoveries relating to the crop circle phenomenon. It elaborates on the ideas currently being explored within the different fields of research, but also shows you the strange additional effects such as anomalous substances and dead flies. All subjects covered, from biophysics to geometry, are presented in a remarkably accessible way. Nearly 60 captivating minutes of film on the triptych of crop circles, balls of light and the human mind.

An especially informative documentary brimming with stunning aerial and ground shots, superb camera work, intriguing interviews and captivating music. 58 minutes. GBP 14.90. Euro 20.90.
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Crop Circles - What On Earth Is Going On?

The worldwide occurrence of crop circles is one of the most fascinating mysteries of our time. In this documentary the history of the crop circles will be discussed, along with their possible relation to ancient sites, swirl winds, hoaxers, UFOs, aliens etc.

The latest results of investigations were relayed via interview with investigators such as Colin Andrews, Busty Taylor, Ilyes, Peter Sorensen, Mark Haywood and Michael Glickman.

Furthermore this documentary contains two unique pieces of video footage of mysterious white balls of light, hovering over the cornfields in Wiltshire, South England:

  • The notorious Oliver's Castle footage, shot in August 1996, which shows the actual forming of the Snowflake formation
  • The famous Milk Hill footage, shot by Steve Alexander in July 1990

Nearly 60 captivating minutes of the most recent information revolving around three inquiries:
Who is making the crop circles?
How are they made?
What is their meaning and significance?
60 minutes. GBP 14.90. Euro 20.90.
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The Hypnotic Power of Crop Circles

For decades people have been fascinated by crop circles. Thousands of people all over the world are attracted and captivated by the mysterious patterns that appear in our fields. Their shapes are overwhelmingly intriguing, somehow powerful. They have a hypnotising effect on whoever looks at them.

But why? What is it that makes these shapes so powerful? Why do these patterns have such a strong effect on people? How come they can hypnotise us? What are they telling us?

As Bert Janssen dived into the riddles of these mysterious crop circle shapes, trying to unravel their hidden secrets, he embarked on a magical journey through the miracles of crop circle geometry. This journey took him to unexpected realms. He now invites you to travel with him...

152 pages. Paperback. GBP 8.99. Euro 13.95

(Also available through FSF: Crop Circles, Gods and their Secrets by Robert Boerman
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